PROXISTORE® geo-targets your campaigns!!!!!!!!!!!!

PROXISTORE® is the leading innovator in geo-targeting solutions for digital and local market campaigns on the internet, using its proprietary geo-localisation engine. The Belgian commercial launch has started in Q2/2012 with successful leads on the web for about 2.000 local campaigns of around 100 advertisers such as Deutsche Bank, ING, IKEA, car companies etc. In the meantime PROXISTORE® has built an enviable reputation for creating exciting new marketing solutions, also based on strong partnerships with key resellers such as Roularta (ROU:BB) & IPM Advertising and with specialized content groups and web news-editors. PROXISTORE®’s headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium, where sales & marketing and IT activities are currently located, cooperating with the German French, Dutch sales teams. In 2013 the company was awarded by the Belgian AMMA Innovation Award and the Red Herring Europe 100.

Here are videos about PROXISTORE®:


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