MTcompany has an app to make you read faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MTreader is an app that increases the user’s reading speed, comprehension, and reading comfort. Their algorithm allows anyone to read twice as fast from screens without any extra effort and with better comprehension. Based on years of experience in brain improvement, MTreader developed an algorithm that makes reading from screens easier and more comfortable, which results in faster reading with better comprehension.

MTreader is a subsidiary of MTcompany B.V. MTcompany is the Dutch specialist in Speed Reading and has trained over 68,000 people, including fortune 500 companies, and several universities.

Mark Tigchelaar is founder and managing director of MTcompany. Mark is a brain expert and has written 3 books on speed reading. He has been an entrepreneur for over 9 years. Mark: “What would happen if every knowledge worker, from student to medical staff, can read twice the amount of articles in the same time, with a better comprehension? People can reach much more of their potential with this software. We expect this software to be the further of digital reading. It’s our ambition to be the #1 app in reading.”

Here is a video about MTreader:


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