Konga is Nigeria amazing new E-Commerce company!!!!!

One of Nigeria’s leading online megastores, Konga is growing rapidly across its mobile and SMS platforms. Founded in the summer of 2012, the company now has 150 employees. It promises to deliver products that range from flatscreen TVs to cosmetics anywhere in the country, within five days.

Konga Online Shopping Limited is Nigeria’s biggest online megastore. Using a ‘Cash on Delivery’ payment system Konga Online Shopping Limited is a pioneer in the changing face of the retail industry in West Africa.

Its products include Clothing/Apparel, Home Appliances, Books, Movies, Beauty and Personal Care, Baby Care and Toys and Groceries. Customer service and satisfaction is the benchmark of its success and has made Konga Online a household name in Nigeria.

Mission: To make the people unbelievably happy by delivering an incredibly simple and convenient way to buy things online! Be believe that by keeping the shopper happy, business success is ours for the taking.

When it comes to hiring, Konga.com puts a lot of faith and trust in its current employees for recruitment. About one fifth of Konga.com's new hires come through the employee referral program. We plan on maintaining the startup open-door policy where all our staff feel comfortable giving opinions and sharing ideas.



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