FlorAccess uses flower power!!!!!

Plants have a fundamental role in our society. They provide us with food and form the basis for clothes, medicine, and bio-fuel. The latest available figures by the World Trade Organization estimate the global plant industry turnover to be close to 3 trillion USD. Around 400,000 different types of plants are traded daily by over 9 million companies across the globe. FlorAccess is a global trade platform optimized for the horticulture industry that connects buyers and suppliers throughout the horticulture business chain. FlorAccess was founded in 2009 and has spent close to three years developing the platform, together with leading players from the industry.

Ewoud Goorts is founder and VP of Product at FlorAccess. He started selling vegetables from his yard at age ten and has been involved in horticulture industry ever since. The idea for FlorAccess was born in Ethiopia during his studies of International Business. He conducted research for the Agricultural Economic Research Institute of Wageningen University in the form of a feasibility study for the Ethiopian floriculture industry Market Information System (MIS). After spending time in Russia for his studies, where the urge for an MIS was acknowledged by local businesses, Ewoud decided to drop out and commit himself fully to the development of FlorAccess.

Here is a video about FlorAccess:


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