Enevo is creating an internet of things ... for garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enevo is a melting pot of software and telecommunication engineers, data analysts, network gurus and seasoned waste management experts. Their goal is to become the leading global provider of smart logistics optimizations solutions for the waste management and recycling industry, helping both commercial waste management companies and public organizations to operate more resource efficiently.

They are committed to provide our customers with complete end-to-end services that are easy and enjoyable to use, while saving money, grey hairs and CO2.

The company was founded with the vision to change the way we interact with the environments around us. They aspire to make environments smart so that they can sense our needs and provide us with the services we need, for example, making waste containers smart and telling us when they need to be emptied!

Enevo is founded 2010 in Espoo, Finland by Fredrik Kekäläinen & Johan Engström and is privately held.

Fredrik Kekäläinen of Enevo


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