Dropifi is delivering you your customer engagement metrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dropifi seeks to clear out the era of long and scary contact forms that deny businesses of valuable feedback and leads, whiles delivering business insight and a spam-free experience to customer engagement.

Using the Dropifi contact widget, companies can see incoming message trending data in relation to industry metrics, see the demographic and social media profiles of the message senders, analyze the real emotions behind the messages they receive and easily integrate with their existing CRMs, e-commerce and blogging platforms. Dropifi’s anti-spam technology makes companies’ experience interacting with customers spam-free and fun.

David Osei(CEO), Kamil Nabong (CFO), and
Effah Philips Mensah (CTO)

With this tool, companies can make better business decisions, offer a more personalized and better customer service experience, save time, increase productivity and boost their ROI.

Here is a video about Dropifi:


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