10Monkeys wants to help kids learn math!!!!!!!!!!!!

10Monkeys is a Finnish e-learning company based in Helsinki. Their mission is to improve mathematical ability globally by offering kids better access to high quality learning on-line. The success of Finnish students in the international studies measuring mathematical ability (PISA etc.) builds on the Finnish excellence in teaching and the teachers’ strong will to keep improving. They want to make this expertise available to kids globally regardless of their language and home country.

Founded by Katri Björklund, 10Monkeys aims to teach six to 10 year-old kids basic math skills in a game-like environment. Its web application is geared toward teachers to use in the classroom setting as well as private educators in tutor centers. Teachers and educators can track the progress of each individual student and easily identify which concepts they're struggling with. 10Monkeys plans to release its first mobile app for kids to act as a supplement to their in-classroom learning.

Here is a video about 10Monkeys:


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