Kayser Italia blast you off into space!!!

Kayser Italia is a Small Medium Enterprise (SME), a private independent aerospace system engineering company, owned by Dr. Valfredo Zolesi’s family. It has been incorporated in 1986, and since 1995 it is 100% Italian property. Since the beginning, Kayser Italia has participated to more than 50 space missions with over 80 payloads, all of them completed with full scientific, technical, economic and programmatic success.

The staff consists of 40 high specialized engineers, with expertise in electronics, aeronautics, mechanics, thermodynamics, physics, computer science, optics and molecular biology. Their design and manufacturing capabilities, joined with a deep engineering background,have allowed the participation of the company both as prime-contractor as well as sub-contractor to many European Space Agency (ESA) and Italian Space Agency (ASI) programmes, especially in the area of life science (biology and human physiology).

Here is a clip on Kayser Italia:


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