YourSize is a good fit!!

At Happy Farm Incubators Valentine's Day event I met YourSize. YourSize is a team of 6 Ukrainian working professionals together since 2009. They started as a software development company for outsourced projects and launched them successfully. Then the idea of YourSize captured their minds, attention and life:). They believe in YourSize so much that we decided to create and launch it!
Even now they are thinking of new ways to improve the product.

YourSize is a database of biometric e-passports which contains information about user’s unique physical characteristics, clothing size and style preferences and allows users to share that information with online retailers. Clothes purchased online fit correctly, consumers return fewer items and retailers increase sales and customer loyalty.

Take a look how it works:

Product for the consumer:

YourSize is a simple tool. Use a measuring tape and enter the required parameters. You need to enter just 5-6 parameters, the system will calculate the rest. The calculation is based on unique mathematical model which is our know-how. Then the system will ask you about your style preferences. When you shop on-line just click YourSize button on retailer’s site and get customized offers in your size. Your data is yours, and only yours, to share. The most sensitive data is kept as a separate database.

Product for the retailer:

Having YourSize on your site you will:
- Increase your customers’ loyalty because your customers will receive what fits them and what they like
- Attract new customers as YourSize grows
- Have guaranteed sales because the consumer will be more confident
increase you average order because the consumers will have proper offers

We offer several models of pricing:
- License fee for the retailer
- Fixed payment for the statistical data for the vendor

YourSize button is just the Javascript located in the web site which:
- Shares consumer’s data when the consumer clicks on it
- Provides customized items in a way the retailer prefers

Oleg Ponomarchuk, CEO and Valentyna Moiseienko, CMO are the people I got a chance to meet from YourSize.

Here is a video of their presentation:


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